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Company Profile

Company name Sawane Spring Co.,Ltd.
Address 1356 Kozawatari-cho, Minami-ward, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka Pref. 432-8523
TEL +81.53.447.3451
FAX +81.53.448.8298
Establishment May 10, 1966
Capital 30 million yen
CEO Takayoshi Sawane
Employees 53 employees (14 women and 39 men)
Business Association Memberships Belongs to Japan Spring Manufactures Association, The Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce, Shizuoka International Business Association, TM Plaza Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Management Innovation Forum 21
Affiliated Companies
  • Samini Co., Ltd. (mail order of springs)
  • Ishimoto, Inc. (specialized factory in trial pieces and small lot production).
  • Wuxi Sawane Spring Co.,Ltd.
Line of Business
  • Manufacturing and retail of springs;
  • coil spring, wire spring, flat spring. Original products;
  • "Stock Spring", flexible spiral protection tube, spring calculation software "Spring shop in Hamamatsu" ,cushion for gymnastic mat "Satafs."
  • ISO9001: 2008 (certified in November 1997),
  • 2004 (Shifted to self-declaration of conformity from May 2005 after certified in May 2000).
Overview of the plant site Factory area 2,471m2
Building area 1,339m2
Total floor area 2,098m2
Office site area 204m2
Building area 146m2
Parking area 1000m2
Main facility
  • For more information on our facility, please visit Equipment.


  • 15 minutes by car from JR Hamamatsu Station
  • 10-minute walk from JR Takatsuka Station
  • 30 minutes by car from Hamamatsu IC
  • 25 minutes by car from Hamamatsu West IC

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