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Business Overviews

Satisfy customers with cutting-edge technology and unique system

Manufacturing and retail!

Since founding in 1966, we have kept stable business and practiced " Think, Produce, Sell" by oneself. In our history of this powerful self-reliant progress, we have always been thinking five years ahead, establishing the right-sized enterprise, has established the system that leading-edge and wide range of needs.

As medium-sized spring manufacturer, not only we produce high quality products steady, but also we strive to provide solutions for problems by working together with our customers. We provide trial production, mass production to automobiles, electrical equipment and other industries. Moreover, we started concept-changing mail-order production for small lot orders. In 1993, we established a Japanese joint venture in China to provide products for Chinese market earlier than other Japanese and Chinese Joint Ventures of spring manufacturer did.

We have our own system for quality management, production management, and retail management aiming to satisfy our customers with our service.

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