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Manufacturing process

Main spring materials and Application

Types Symbols Purposes and Characteristics
Piano wire SWP-A,B,V Springs that mainly receive dynamic load, valve springs
Hard drawn steel wire SW-B,C Springs that mainly receive static load
Spring steel SUP-6,9 For hot forming, helical large springs, flat springs
Oil tempered wire SWOSC-V,B Valve springs for engines, general machine springs
SWOSM-B General machine springs standard size 4-14mm
Stain-less steel wire SUS304-WPB Wire springs that have excellent corrosion and heat resistance
Stain-less steel strips SUS304-CSP Flat springs, springs
Steel strips for spring SK5-CS Flat springs, springs
Bainitic steel S60-CSP Flat springs (Hardness Hv360-440)
Phosphor-bronze wire C5102W Corrosion, tiredness-resistant, easy for processing, springs for precision machinery
Phosphor-bronze sheets/strips C5210P,R Flat springs for precision machinery
Inconel NCF750 Heat and corrosion-resistant nonmagnetic springs
Plated wire SWIC-F Nickel plated wire, corrosion-resistant and good in conductivity
SWZD-C Galvanized wire, for springs that corrosion-resistance required

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