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Philosophy & Shared Values


  1. 1Perpetuate our company
    Gain adequate profits and keep the right scale of management, promote the idea of "Think, Produce, Sell" by oneself with our challenging spirits.
  2. 2Cherish a life
    Life is limited, only one time for each one of us. That is why we cherish their lives. Wish employees their good health and happiness, and we will make our company where they can feel joy and personal growth through their work.
  3. 3Practice flexible management
    Always predict what will happen in five years, put balanced and flexible management into practices.
  4. 4Be a good company
    Associate with good people and good customers to do the right business.
    Always actively challenge works that other companies don't do or can't do.
  5. 5Serve the community
    Cherish the idea of "teach if taught, return favors if given", serve to people and the community, cooperate internationally.

(Excerpt from Our Philosophy)

Common values


  • Challenge
  • Passionate


  • Originality and Creativity
  • Constant efforts


  • Teamwork
  • Technical development

Brush up

  • Self-innovation
  • Energized

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