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Affiliated Companies

Samini Ltd.

Location 432-8063
1062 Kozawatari-cho Minami-ward, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka- pref.
URL (Japanese only)
Establishment September 1984
Capital 22 million yen
Business Mail order of spring
Stock spring, various springs and mechanical parts

Ishimoto Ltd.

Location 432-8063
1357 Kozawatari-cho, Minami-ward, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka-pref.
Establishment October 1989
Capital 6 million yen
Business Specializing in producing trial pieces and small-lot production. Reputation has been established for the original know-how that enables to produce with low-cost, and very short delivery term.

Wuxi Sawane Spring Co., Ltd.

Location 214072
Hongqiao Road North, Taihu Street, Liyuan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu
Establishment June,1993
Capital 1.366 million U.S. dollars
Business It is a joint venture with First Automobile Works Group. Taking advantage of the manufacturing technique and quality management system that Sawane Spring Co., Ltd. has, fuel injection springs and engine valve springs are produced, and they are supplied to within China.

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