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Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

To provide reliable and high quality products

We constantly improve our technology and quality,
and eagerly try any difficulties that
usually other companies don't/can't handle.
We promise to supply customers
with reliable and high quality products
at the right price quickly.

CEO Takayoshi Sawane, October 30, 2002

Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

For our management philosophy to be realized, we aim to be environmentally friendly so that we can contribute to our community and also be in harmony with our community through manufacturing and selling springs. Being adapted to ISO14001 standards, we put an emphasis on the positive environmental impacts and effective use of resources instead of negative environmental impacts. We all departments and employees have challenging spirits, demonstrating the environmental management system by "self-declaration of conformity."

Basic policy

  1. 1Build up the environmental management system to improve continuously and prevent environmental pollution to our technically and economically possible extent.
  2. 2Be in compliant with laws, regulations and agreements that are related to our environmental policy.
  3. 3In order to promote environmental conservation, work on it with our environmental objectives, targets and action plans.
  4. 4Environmental objectives and targets are reviewed periodically, and shall be revised as needed.
  5. 5We make sure that this environmental policy is known to all the people who work with us, and we open up to the public according to requests from outside.
  6. 6This environmental policy is to be written on the environmental manuals, keeping it as the original, and it is reviewed periodically, and it shall be revised if necessary.

Declared on May 10, 2005, the anniversary of establishment
CEO, Takayoshi Sawane

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