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Medical Springs(Small Springs,Tiny Springs)

About medical springs(Small Springs,Tiny Springs)

Our torque coil (torque tube) has torque transmission and rotation following characteristics. Wire diameter 0.02mm〜0.1mm round wire can be wound. Inside diameter of the torque coil can be 0.1mm up to 1.2mm. Maximum coil length can be 2,500mm. Filar count is up to 12 and layer count is usually 1 to 3 but more layers are available. Recently medical device manufacturers and researchers over the world have tried our torque coils on their new prototyping phase. Feel free to let us know if you would like to make new devices.

Manufacturing technology

We can wind multi-wire such as 1 wire up to 12 wires at a time, and also multi-layer as many layers as you need. Moreover, we can wind wires with coil pitch to adjust flexibility of the coil.

Strengths of Sawane Spring

1.Japanese spring manufacturer faster than anyone else.
Rapid manufacturing of special order springs.

  • Reply to your inquiry within 2 hours!(At working hours 8:00~17:00)
  • Quote within 48 hours!(Except special order springs)
  • Ship out springs to all over the world in 3 working days!(Less than 50 pcs. Without special surface treatments. Ask us for a mass production.)
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2.High technical strength

We are all craftspeople manufacturing springs by core bar winding, hand winding and coiling machines based on the quantity. Not only normal types of springs with wires from 0.03mm up to 12mm in diameter but also various kinds of shapes for wire forms can be coiled by machines and hands. And, special materials, such as titanium, hastelloy, inconel and phosphor bronze can be coiled as well.

3.From trial to mass production

Our extensive production facilities enable us to produce from trial to mass production.

Introduction of spring usage:

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