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Torque Coils(medical springs, small springs, micro springs)

About torque coil

Our torque coil (torque tube) has torque transmission with following characteristics. Available wire diameter of SUS304 is 0.03mm〜0.15mm round wire. Inside diameter of the torque coil can be 0.2mm up to 1.5mm. Maximum coil length can be 2,500mm. Filar count is up to 12 and layer count is usually 1 to 3 but more layers are available. Recently medical device manufacturers and researchers all over the world have tried our torque coils on their new prototyping phases. Feel free to let us know if you would like to make new devices.
We are good at manufacturing small medical springs.

torque coil

Torque transmission movie

torque coil

Manufacturing technology

We can wind multi-wire from 1 up to 12 wires at a time, and also multi-layer as many layers as you need. Moreover, we can wind wires with coil pitch to adjust flexibility of the coil by our in-house designed machinery. Coil ends are brazed and ground. Laser processing would be available in the near future.

image: Coil ends
Coil ends
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