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Microcoil for animal experiment

It's an ultra precise micro coil used as a blood vessel clip for BCAS surgery, animal experiment.
Wire diameter 0.08mm(0.00315")
Inside diameter 0.16/0.18/0.20/0.22mm
Material SWP-A with gold plating

★Our Microcoil (SWPA 0.18) has been listed on medical research papers for all over the world★

We've gotten orders from world medical research institutes, universities and hospitals!
Countries: China, Japan, United State of America, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, etc.
Feel free to contact us:

For Chinese customers, we have our subsidiary in China, WUXI SAMINI SPRING CO LTD.
They sell this coil to you directly.

Now we have coils made out of Nitinol for MRI compatibility.
If you are interested in them, let us know.

Used for

Used for medical experiment, especially mouse experiment

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