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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to ask for estimate, what information do I provide for you ?

Please fax or email drawing of a spring and let us know an order quantity(lot or monthly). If you have any requests for delivery term, please let us know the information as well.

Can you estimate by a spot without drawing?

Yes, please send it over to us, and we will estimate for you. At that time, we may ask you information on the condition of use etc..

If we tell you conditions and use of a spring, can you design that?

For coil springs, we will design for free by our company's spring calculation software "spring shop in Hamamatsu." Please let us know as much details as possible on use and conditions.

I'm looking for heat - resistant springs. Are you able to produce it ?

We have the standard heat-resistant springs made of inconel, whose operating temperatures can be up to 450 C . Special order is acceptable.

I'm looking for acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant springs. Are you able to produce it ?

We do produce the standard acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant springs using hastelloy material.
Special order is acceptable and we also have the standard plastic springs.

For common special order coil springs(compression, tension, torsion), how long does it take to be delivered ?

Delivery term depends on the shape and quantity.
For ordering extension springs (stock springs), up to 20 pieces will be shipped in 2 days, up to 30 pieces will be shipped in 3days.
For ordering free size compression springs (stock springs), up to 20 pieces will be shipped on the 4th day, more than 21 pieces will be shipped on the 8th day.
For other small amount of special springs, if the quantity is less than 100 pieces, we will ship in about 10 days after acceptance of the order (without surface treatment). It's a pressing order, please let us know when requesting an estimate so that our salesperson in charge deals with it.

I would like to order only one spring, is it possible to ask?

Yes, it is. We accept build-to-order manufacturing by even one piece.

Do you use any environmental load materials (particular harmful materials) in products or in manufacturing processes ?

Materials that our company uses are in conformity to RoHS, ELV. In the production process we do not use any particular harmful materials. Regarding electro galvanizing of surface treatment, we deal with it by trivalent chromium. Moreover, we adopted the ISO14001 environmental management system. After 5 years of authentication, we have operated with self-declaration system since 2006.

How do you operate quality management ?

We operate quality management under ISO9001 certification. We conduct 2 different quality management systems of large quantity repeat orders and small quantity spot orders. Repeat order production is expanded to in-company drawings and standard operating manuals, we process checks and final inspections with them. For spot order production, we process checks and final inspections. Inspection report will be issued upon customers' requests.

Do you require any special tools such as molds ?

Jigs and metal molds may exclusively require depending on type and shape of springs. For example, pipes that are used to grind the ends of helical compression springs; jigs that are unable to bent or cut by machines because of the shape of springs; metal molds for flat springs.
Except for the case that we can use the internal standard jigs, we will specify the cost on an estimate to inform you.

Where can I buy stock springs ?

Samini, our affiliated mail-order house selling stock springs.

What kind of springs does Wuxi Sawane Spring Co., Ltd. In China produce ?

They mainly produce valve springs and fuel injection springs for the car industry in China. Products (wire diameters are from 1mm to 6mm) are provided within China.

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