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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

SAWANE SPRING CO.,LTD., hereinafter "our company", will manage our business by making the utmost effort to observe applicable laws and norms based on a philosophy of respect for individual personality to protect customers' personal information. Our company will strive to protect customers' personal information in accordance with the following basic policies.

Use of personal information

Provided information is used to understand usage, aggregate and analyze it for our better service.

Our company may contact customers by direct mail regarding our services and campaigns.

Offer and disclosure of personal information

As for personal information provided by customers, we will handle it carefully and will not inform or disclose it to third parties with the exception of the following cases.

  • In case of outsourcing for required work to a contract company for our business operations (In this case, our company will provide a disclosure agreement with the contract company.)
  • In case of prior consent and approval of customers
  • In case of request based on applicable laws
  • Others

In case that customers request termination, disclosure, or correction of the registered personal information, the request is accepted after our prescribed procedure by identificaton.

Please contact us when requesting corrections or changes of the registered personal information.

Security measures

Our company website will ask customers to fill in customers' personal information for inquiries.

For personal information security, we implement efficient security measures of operation management and system operation to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage of information.

In our website, secure communication processing by SSL encryption has been adopted to protect personal information. Between web server and your browser, it is protected by SSL encryption against eavesdropping, tampering and spoofing from third parties.


Any changes of the contents of our website will be announced on this website.

Inquiry about protective principle of personal information

Please contact following number if you have any inquiries about privacy policy on this website.

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